4 Fitness Tips to Build Serious Muscle this Spring!

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For anyone, working out is only one part of the equation to sculpting a jaw dropping physique. Just as important as your workout routine is your calorie consumption routine, otherwise known as your diet!

Diets aren’t fun to talk about unless you’re that person on Facebook telling everyone how much you LOVE the new “cleanse” you’re on right now! For normal people, especially guys, you want to eat what you want if you don’t get fat. Unfortunately, you can’t properly shred your body without a healthy diet!

But diets aren’t all about cutting. You need the right diet to GAIN muscle and strength as well. Here are four tips to maximize your diet for optimal strength gains.

Bring on the Protein

There is a reason protein is talked about so often in the fitness world — it’s essential for muscle growth. Even if you’re eating enough calories every day, if you don’t get enough protein, your muscles will never grow, and you won’t gain strength.

Fortunately, foods high in protein are often delicious. Who doesn’t love a big, juicy steak? Eggs are similarly fantastic. Chicken gets a bad rap for being boring, but there are tons of ways to season it and make it delicious.

Hydration is Key

A common mistake for people who are trying to pack on muscle is a lack of hydration. Our bodies are made up of mostly water, and need a ton of it to function at our peak. One of the best ways water boosts your body is in the prevention of fatigue.

When you’re dehydrated, you’re naturally going to feel more fatigue than usual. Does that sound like a recipe for hitting new PRs in the gym? I didn’t think so. If you want to feel fresh in the weight room, you’ve got to keep the water flowing.

Use Supplements to Your Advantage

Maintaining a diet of healthy foods is so important to your training, but supplements can’t be overlooked if you really want a competition-ready body. While supplements aren’t the basis of your diet, they certainly supplement what you’re already consuming.

Creatine, BCAA, Leucine, Carnitine, Whey Isolate, & Glutamine help the body perform at its best. But a word of warning — there are a ton of useless products out there claiming to be legit supplements. You need to make sure you’re getting high quality products so you experience the benefits.

Cook, Eat, Repeat

A big misconception about people who practice a healthy diet is that we are all great chefs who can make a ton of different meals. That’s not always the case based off my experience.

The most effective way to stick to a set meal plan is not to have great variety and try something new every meal. It’s the opposite. You should eat the same meals repeatedly.

When you limit your variety, you get great at making the right foods, and it just becomes your routine. You begin to enjoy the predictability of your diet, and it sets you up to dominate your training.

Eating for maximum strength gains is simple, but it takes discipline. But if you build the right habits, your routine will be second nature in no time.

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