Recruit 30 People 30 Days


The whole process in building a huge downline in Network Marketing and making 10,000 to 15,000 a month seems so easy to accomplish, but unfortunately the Network Marketing Companies is overflowing with illogical theories and silly strategies that have proven themselves to be absolutely worthless.

In the past decade tens of millions have spent hundreds of million dollars on “how- to” training material and books and searching YouTube looking for ways to learn “The Secret” to success. The real question why is over 99% of all Network Marketers fail in their attempt to achieve financial success? The overwhelming majority of them are recruiting the wrong people and they apply the wrong strategies and tactics. During the first month you told to go out and recruit your family and friends into the business. We all know that strategy causes undo friction in the family. Friends begin to lose trust in you and your use to be inner circle run when they see you coming. The secret is to recruit veterans, not rookies. Do not recruit family and friends, and don’t recruit opportunity seekers. In other words, don’t recruit people who have no Network Marketing experience.

When you recruit rookies you basically depending on the luck of the draw and the odds of you winning in Network Marketing is zero. Forget luck, and go where the odds are in your favor. Only recruit veteran’s distributors. The reasons are logical. The veterans have already been sold on the Network Marketing. They already been trained. They know Network Marketing works. They already have the mindset of working from home. Recruit veteran distributors and you will create an explosion in your downline. It’s not like building a brand new sports team. Let’s look at the Golden State Warriors. The owners and coaching staff drafted 3 players Klay Thompson, Steph Curry and Draymond Green, and then they recruited a bunch veteran to be paired with these young guys. It took them a few years to gel. Since the grabbing veterans these guys wanted to win a ring bad. Now they are the best team ever put together. Recruiting experience veterans is how the majority of heavy hitters have made their fortunes.

The most effective way to recruit 30 people in 30 days Use Target Research, when a NFL team go out and want to build a team, they send scouts out to look at the talent. That is evaluated on a scale, and according to the scale, the scouts send recommendations to the coaching staff on who to draft. Same way in Network Marketing you have to scout for the right talent. Except you the scout and the coach so you have to put on 2 hats. Go out scout the talent that will fit your team and use the trigger words to make people want to meet with you. In order to extremely successfull in Network Marketing you have to use systems that will cause you to win.


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