Stuck in Mud: Getting ideas for a business or product.

Often times an entrepreneur can feel as though they cannot get ideas for their business or product. Here are some simple ways to combat this:

  1. Look for inspiration by asking yourself what you could do to make other peoples’ lives easier
  2. Ask what products/services various people would like to see and be sure to also ask people problems that they may have and look for solutions (all opinions help even children’s)
  3. Look at various methods of management within your company and decide how you will manage it
  4. Research different business environments and how you want your’s to be
  5. Look at areas of business in which there is high and/or stabile demand and act upon it, while competing with competitors by either finding strategies to sell product/service cheaper than that of your competitor or by finding ways to increase Corporate Social Responsibility and ethics higher than that of your competitors
  6. Look at your hobbies and/or skills and use them to your advantage by making a business out of it

Keep in mind that without someone or a company to back you up that you will not perform as well so try to keep both employees and customers alike happy.


What do you think?

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